From Acting To Real Life: Why Tara Emad Remains Our Favorite

Egyptian-Montenegrin actress, Tara Emad celebrates her 29th birthday today. To honor this Taurus, we wanted to take a look at her most memorable television roles. A former model, Emad started her career when she was just four years old by doing ad commercials. Then at age 14, she got into modelling which eventually led her to win the title of “Miss Africa” at the Miss World beauty pageant. While Emad studied business at university, she still pursued an interest in acting by taking a copious number of acting workshops which eventually led to her first acting role on the show “El Gama’a” (University) directed by Hani Khalifa. Emad’s acting journey didn’t stop there, it was just the beginning; here are some more of her acting highlights.

Poosy in “Saheb El Saada” (The Man Of Joy)

Her character Poosy in “Saheb El Saada” had to make the list, it was vibrant just as much as the show was. From her closeness to her family and her father in particular played by prominent Egyptian actor Adel Emam. There was a special warmth to us viewers every time we visited the world of Baghat Abo El Hana, we were treated to wholesomeness by all members, especially with Poosy who was sweet and didn’t want anything from the world but to see her family happy and safe. Though this was one of Emad’s first roles, she expertly played it. Convincing us all that she’s the girl next door, falling in love for the first time. For this reason, it’s one of the key roles that people still discuss it today.

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Yousra in “W Nehb Tani Leh?” (Why Love Again?)

The 2020 Ramadan show, “W Nehb Tani Leh” followed the relationship trajectory between Morad (Kareem Fahmy) and Ghalia (Yasmine Abdel Aziz) and the unexpected friendship between Morad’s ex, Yosra (Emad) and Ghalia. Yosra was an interesting character, to say the least. She was relatable because she loved Morad so much to the extent that she was willing to do so much for him. While some viewers saw her as clingy and even naive, the character’s complexities showcased Emad’s ability to vary in her roles.

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Radwa in “Setat Beit Al Maadi” (Maadi Housewives)

“Setat Beit Al Maadi” followed three women across different decades connected by the same house. While the three characters were addictive to watch, Radwa (Emad) was amazing in her own way; living in 2021, the character married and did everything possible to support her husband and help him get back on his feet only to have him cheat on her with her friend. While it may seem that this story is trite, the way in which Radwa or even how Emad has presented the character as someone who simply oozes naivete due to her constantly pushing her husband and friend closer together, led the audience to constantly have mixed feelings of being frustrated while sympathizing for her.

Gameela in “Tahaeeh” (Investigation)

The show “Tahaeeh” followed a host of rising stars as they well, you guessed it, investigate different relationships with a potential outcome of money. However, Gameela is the only character from the group that wanted to investigate for the purpose of her research and studies without waiting for any type of reward in return. She was easily one of the most likable characters of the show and it was a nice change for Emad to play a book smart character who isn’t so quite lovestruck. Similar to her other roles, she played it effortlessly, making us unable to imagine anyone else playing this role.

Layla in “Suits Arabia”

Based on the US adaptation, Emad plays Layla who is the Arab counterpart of Rachel (Meghan Markle). A strong-willed paralegal who is a heart stealer and crusher? The character of Layla can be easily classified as toxic, but an addictive one. She’s the type where you can’t help but keep watching her just like a car crash. Emad’s performance made us viewers love and hate her simultaneously. It was one of the roles that perfectly ‘suited’ her.

Tara Emad is definitely a star to watch and we’re excited to see what she’ll do as the years go by.

WE SAID THIS: Though Tara has had her fair share of unlikeable character roles, we personally adore her on-screen presence.