Here’s Where You Can Shop for Happier Feet in Egypt

Via In Your Shoe

Some people say that you are what you dress and I’m a true believer in that. Shoes, in particular, can tell a lot about the person wearing them. But, you know what truly shows the good soul in your feet? Socks!


Standing out is a talent that you’d easily show off by making a fashion statement. And trust me, there’s no better, or quirkier, way to do that than celebrating happy feet! For the funky souls inside out, embrace your vibrant side and rock cool socks because life is too short to waste on wearing boring pairs. As usual, we’re there for the rescue; here are five places where you can shop for happier feet in Egypt!

In Your Shoe

Via In Your Shoe

Positive vibes and colorful energy is everything you can get whenever you stumble upon In Your Shoe on your feed. The colors, the patterns, the prints, and most of all, their brand identity are just out of the world.


Via Sort

Sort’s latest Christmas collection will bring festive vibes to your toes. How about snuggling on Christmas Eve with a new pair? Those even make perfect last-minute gifts!

Aywar Socks

Via Aywar Socks

Bring your dancing shoes and boogie on if you have your eyes on those pop-colored pairs! Aywar Socks is a super cool underrated page where you can find plenty of options.


Via Socksès

With lots of options and a great variety to choose from, Socksès is definitely a brand to keep under your radar.


Via H&M

If you’re not the biggest fan of online shopping and you’re more fond of old-school shopping, don’t fret! H&M Egypt’s branches usually have lots of these in store.

WE SAID THIS: Socks-appeal is the new thing!