Here is how the stars celebrated UAEs 50’th national day

Today, the 2nd of December, marks the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates’ foundation. People all over the UAE are celebrating their love for their country, with street decorations, fireworks, dancing, and music performances. In honor of the country’s Golden Jubilee, holidays were also given to the public and private sectors so that everyone can enjoy and reflect on their experiences in this wonderful country. A number of celebrities throughout the region have been expressing their genuine delight with this day as well, which commemorates all of the UAE’s breathtaking achievements and milestones over the years.

Here are some Arab celebrities that have shown their love for the UAE on social media:

1) Karen Wazen

2) Yousra

3) Ahlam

4) Balqees Fathi

5) Raya Abirached 

6) Mayssa karaa

7)  Latifa

It’s amazing that so many of these celebrities are expressing their admiration for the UAE and how far it’s come since it was created. Without a doubt, the UAE has astounded the world and the whole region.

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