Here Are the Top 15 Countries With the Fastest Internet Speed in 2021

None of us can imagine a world without the Internet. From chatting with friends, to conducting research, paying bills, working remotely, and doing business online, everything we do is connected to the Internet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Internet has become a basic necessity in our lives. And, an Internet connection with a snail-like speed is something nobody wants to deal with. We want a fast Internet that lets us watch TV shows, movies, have video calls, download large files, and play HD games online! That’s exactly why I am planning to get Spectrum packages for the Internet at home. Do you think that paying a premium price means you have a top-tier Internet service? You’d be surprised to know that some of the fastest Internet speed services may not be available in your country to begin with!

Countries with the fastest Internet speed

According to Ookla, the global average download speed on fixed broadband is 85.73 Mbps and the average download speed on mobile is 35.96 as of September 2020. As of January 2021, the average broadband speed has risen to 96.98 Mbps, and the mobile average has also gone up to 46.74 Mbps. Since technology is likely to get more advanced and networks are improving, this average figure is expected to grow and it will continue working. Based on Ookla’s calculations, Singapore has the fastest broadband download speed of 226.60 Mbps. Next on the list, is Hong Kong, followed by Romania, and the United States is 10th on the list.

RankingCountry Average Broadband SpeedAverage Mobile Speed
1Singapore 226.660.52
2Hong Kong210.7350.96
4Switzerland 178.8164.1
5Thailand 175.2234.38
7Denmark 162.0863.86
10United States of America 161.1447.13
12Liechtenstein 156.94N/A
14South Korea155.39121
15Macau 154.5753.3

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Singapore, the highly advanced city, is not just economically healthy, but has the fastest internet speed in the world. The average broadband speed available to users is 226.6 Mb per second. That’s why tech-savvy entrepreneurs want to live in Singapore. The great news is that the country offers permanent residency through entrepreneurial investment.  

Hong Kong

Everyone knows Hong Kong is home to the most tech-savvy residents around the world. It’s no surprise it dominates the list of countries with blazing speed internet. The citizens enjoy 210.73 Mbps of broadband speed. The country is ranked on top when it comes to the quality of life index and fast internet speed could be a contributing factor. 


Romania is the leading hotspot for digital nomads. For years, companies in Romania have shown interest in hiring remote workers. Great Internet speed is probably one of the reasons why outsourcing is quite popular in the country. If you are looking for a place to set up a small business, Romania is a great place to consider. 193.47 Mbps of average broadband speed is not the only great thing about this country. It’s also easier to find an affordable skilled workforce here. 


Switzerland is the famous hub of safety, wealth, privacy, and fast-speed Internet. It’s home to the best class infrastructure for business. Some people find it too sterile, but high-achieving entrepreneurs don’t mind that. The average broadband speed available in Switzerland is 178.81 Mbps. Another great quality of this country is that it also serves as one of the best destinations in Europe. 


Another great nomad hotspot, offering 175.22 Mbps of average broadband speed. Generally, people wouldn’t think that the Internet there is fast, but being the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, the country is doing pretty well with respect to technology. Internet speed may be great here, but before moving to Thailand to start a business or to live in, do your research to make sure the conditions are right for you. 

What about the countries with the slowest Internet?

These were the list of countries offering the fastest speed Internet. Now, what about the countries with the slowest internet? These countries would include Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Georgia, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The average broadband speed available in these countries ranges from 20 to 50 Mbps, which may not be the worst, but is definitely slow. If you’re planning a trip to any of these countries, you may not be happy with the Internet connectivity. If you’ve been planning to visit a country where top speed Internet is available for continuing your remote work, pick any of the five countries from the list above!

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