Here are the Latest Updates on Uk’s Egyptian Victim Mariam Mustafa

There are new updates to the not so curious case of the Egyptian girl who passed away after been attacked in central Nottingham by a group of young women in February. Emad Abu Hussein, Attorney of Egyptian student Mariam Mustafa has announced that six teenage suspects will stand trial on September 27.


The British authorities, that once revealed that the attack was not “racially motivated” back in late March, claimed otherwise after preliminary investigations. Later, five women were arrested last week and the sixth, who had gone fugitive, was arrested a few days ago.

Mariam Mustafa, an Engineering Student that moved from Italy to the UK five years ago, was attacked on the 20th of February by a group of teenage girls, that led to her death in a hospital after being left in a coma.

Via Egypt Independent

In April, the victim’s lawyer received a death threat to drop the case via a letter sent to his own home’s post-box. The anonymous letter was straightforward, with the message saying: “One Muslim has gone you are next if you don’t leave the case, understood?”.  Abu Hussein instantly told the British police, and he was advised to leave his home for necessary legal measures, but he only moved his daughters away.

WE SAID THIS: We are waiting to see what the court will say and praying for the victim’s family.