Why Egypt Needs More NGOs Like HEPCA


Earlier this week, a post went viral on the Egyptian Internet by a Facebook account called Observer, claiming foreigners were cleaning up after Egyptians in Hurghada. Needless to say, the post made us really sad. How can we do this to our country? But more importantly, how can I just believe whatever I bump into on the Internet without an actual credible source? I’ve hunted down those foreigners and what I’ve found was, thankfully, amazing.





Those “foreigners” are called HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association), and they’re a relentless group of international scientists (which some of them are Egyptians) in the pursuit of ensuring that both the marine and terrestrial ecosystems retain their natural beauty. So yes, they were cleaning up Hurgahda, but it wasn’t just after Egyptians, it was after everyone who contributed in adding to the Red Sea waste; be it Egyptian, a foreigner or anybody else. They were doing their job, which is protect the environment. Instead of Internet trolling, why not promote how amazing this NGO is?




We’d like to also give it up for Karim Essam for calling this Facebook account out and telling everyone what those pictures were.




WE SAID THIS: Keep up the good work, HEPCA!