Hadeel Al Aini Shares Her Lessons Learned From 2020 and 27 Tips to Stay Sane

Face it, this year has been tough. But with all the noise and panic we sometimes forget to go back to basics and let ourselves just live. This is my recipe for taking it one day at a time with your sanity and nails intact. No matter what you’ve been through, who left you, who loved you, live your life tall and strong with a big smile for the haters. Let’s send off 2020 in style!

Do whatever makes you happy

Don’t let anyone stop you

You’re all you’ve got

Reconnect with old friends that remind you of good times

Disconnect with people who bring you down

Spend more time with family

Buy the tie-dye jeans

Treat yourself

Give to charity quietly

Take the selfie

Blast your music and sing

Go out dancing

Wear the heels

Scan your circle

Listen to your gut

F*** the a**holes

Get as much sleep as you need

Feed your body right

Get the facial

Dye your hair

Wear your mask


Red lipstick helps


Deep condition

Say I love you

Make the first move

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