This Guy’s Transformation Story Will Motivate You to Achieve Your Body Goals

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If one of your new year’s resolution is to adopt a more healthy lifestyle or transform your body, then Ahmed Adel’s story is guaranteed to motivate you. We sat down with Adel and we talked about how he managed to changed his life and achieved his body goals, and hopefully, his story will influence you as well. Adel lost 88 kilos so far, through working out and a strict diet plan.

What motivated you to start your journey of transformation?

The story began three years ago when 2 of my friends tried to convince me to start losing weight after I reached a disastrous level that which was affecting every single detail in my life. I decided to start on my own without telling anyone and it took around 40 days to decide that I walk on a journey with no return.

How many times have you tried taking off and failed before you reached your final real transformation?

I tried once before, but it was with a doctor, which I believed wasn’t a wise choice. it took me around 25 days then I stopped.

What made your last try the most successful one?

Actually, long-run commitment is the simple answer to that question; I did everything to keep myself committed. I kept talking to myself, sending messages to myself, even rewarding and punishing myself, and some people made fun of my method, but I always looked at my final goal and was thriving to reach it.

How did you actually achieve your goals?

I always wanted to make it on my own, I mean I don’t believe in gym partners at all and whoever asking me for an advice I always say that (do not pick up a partner). You can have a friend who trains with you sometimes but you’ll never have a lifetime training partner. Second factor is monitoring yourself, for example I write every single detail of my workouts so that at the end of month I can know if I have improved or not. Then I make a yearly comparison in order to keep myself excited and hungry for better results.

After what you have achieved, what next do you have in mind?

My next goal is to excel with my fitness to a whole new level. First, I need to lose fats then i’ll work on my strength and functionality, after that I need to fix extra skin problems, and finally get in shape. I have all that as a three-year plan and I actually wrote it down in details. I have 2 more months to be done with the whole 3 years and after that I will be aiming to achieve massive fitness levels.

How did your trip to Malaysia help you achieve your goal?

My trip to Malaysia took me out of the huge stress that i was experiencing back in Egypt. Spending some time alone helped me to organize my time and determine my goals strictly and work on them far away of any outside factors.

What do you think are the three most important rules that anyone must follow to achieve their body goals?

Isolate your mood from your training and diet plan, commit strictly and all the way, and ignore all your unhealthy food cravings.

What do you say to people who want to change their bodies and lives but are tempted by unhealthy food?

I will tell them that I am a person who used to drink two liters of Pepsi, one big bag of chips, and sweets daily, and I thought that I can never quit all of that as I used to be a really addicted to all of it. However, after you train and fight yourself for two months maximum, you will see the results that’ll end up being your motivation to keep it up with your nutrition plan and training.

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What websites, apps, or guides do you think would help people achieve their goals?

That’s a very important question and also chance to thank someone who gave me a very important guidance through my journey. Mustafa Khalaf my friend and the creator of Mechanics of Bodybuilding Facebook page was a very professional advisor for me through the entire journey and his page was always a pure source of information. Also some YouTube channels like ATHLEAN-X channel.

Who do you follow on the social media from the fitness icons?

Frank medrano and Jeff Cavalier

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