This Guide Shows You What to Do If You See Islamophobia, and It’s Important

The Middle Eastern Feminist


Have you ever seen a woman being harassed or a classmate being bullied and you just stood there numb with no idea how to react? Have you always feared that the anger of the attacker will be re-directed towards you if you interfere?


Marie-Shirine Yener, a 22-year-old illustrator who lives in Paris, just gave all of us the most useful tips against Islamophobia in the simplest form. The artist of Iranian and Armenian descent applied the psychology concept of non-complimentary behavior which disrupts an oppressive connection a potential attacker is attempting to establish with the target.


The guide was posted on Facebook page, The Middle Eastern Feminist, to help bystanders when witnessing a case of religious bullying. Yener explained that the guide could be used against all sorts of public attacks, however as a French Middle Eastern woman, the aim of it is to help bystanders when facing Islamophobia as she has noticed the rise of hate against Muslim women lately. We believe this is perfect timing considering the backlash that followed the Burkini incident.



Yener pointed out that its crucial to never directly address the attacker and always respect the wishes of the person you are protecting. Here are some incredibly useful tips










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