Guard Assualts Four Children in Maadi While School Denies All Charges

There was another predator on the loose, and this time he was hunting children. Called ‘Mohamed‘, this school guard corners children in the school bathroom and violates their bodies. It’s not just one kid, or two, there are multiple claims against that man. The school isn’t doing anything, and we’re going to dive into the story, and have a deeper look into the aftermath of child abuse.

It all surfaced when someone, who wished to remain anonymous, shared two stories from the same school with a Facebook user who then blew the whistle on her profile; not long after, Shady Noor proceeded to share it with his 19.5k followers. As for the stories, one was about a three-year-old girl and the other about the reporter’s niece who is five years old.

At that school, many kids were sexually abused, but to the anonymous reporter, the story is personal as his niece was scarred for life. Now, there is a pedophile in jail, a whole school down, and more than 4 young girls traumatized and violated.

A school filled with nightmares

Every day after the 3-year-old girl went home from school, her mother noticed something abnormal. Her genitalia would be swollen and red. When her mom asked her about it, the young girl didn’t say anything. Living in a world where schools are safe, the mother naturally thought it’s a common rash. But the young girl then started talking with her older sister, saying that Mohamed, referring to the school guard, wipes her too roughly after using the bathroom. When the mother found out about what her daughter was saying, she took her to a doctor and it was discovered that the girl has been assaulted many times, not just once. Turns out, the girl was too afraid to speak because this man used to threaten her with murder. However, the medical reports proved that she’s been assaulted, and the mother filed a report with the case.

The anonymous reporter’s niece’s story delves deep into the details of the abuse. The young girl of five would go home daily missing an item, the next day she would come back with her missing sweatshirt from yesterday and say Mohamed gave it to her. For a while, the little girl behaved differently; she started touching her older sister inappropriately and threatening to kill her. She talked less and looked distracted and sad, and when asked if she’s okay, she wouldn’t answer at all. One time, her mother woke up to find her crying hysterically while holding a picture of herself from her previous birthday. The young girl said that she wished those days could come back.

After the horrific story of the 3-year-old girl came to light and became known at the school, things started making more sense. The niece’s mother then continued to ask her daughter more questions about Mohamed. At first, the young girl would deny she even knows him, other times she would say he just scares the kids at the schoolyard with a stick. Until one time, she came back home with a white stain on her pants. Still refusing to believe the traumatizing truth, the parents of the young girl continued to ask more questions. When asked about the deep scratches on her behind, the young girl said that her nanny beat her. Later on, the girl finally admitted that the so-called guard would go into the bathroom following young girls, and he would touch their behinds and rub them. With all of these details coming together it was clear to the parents that their daughter was sexually assaulted.

The pedophile used to follow her and two other young girls into the bathroom, take their clothes off, and molest them. When the niece came forward too, along with the report filed by the parents of the 3-year-old girl, more girls also told their stories and young boys as well claimed he would touch their private parts!

His way to lure them in is to take the belongings of the kids while they’re in the schoolyard, then the next day he tells them he found their missing belongings, so they would follow him somewhere private.

What makes this worse is that the niece told her teacher that he follows them into the bathroom, and her teacher told her it’s okay we will punish him, and what disciplinary action was taken? Nothing, nothing at all.

After the first report, the school denied that such a man even worked at the school. Then at a parent’s meeting, all the school had to say was that it’s an employee’s mistake. If it wasn’t for the other parents stepping up, he probably wouldn’t even have been fired.

However, this man is now in jail for 15 days, pending investigations, with 4 reports against him.

The emotional toll this has on children is immense and unimaginable. According to the anonymous reporter, his niece drew strange things for a child. She expressed herself in the only way she knew how to and drew herself crying.

All of this happened in a school where there are no cameras, no one knows where the students are, and there’s a male guard roaming the schoolyard, whose job only God knows! To make things worse, it was revealed that a teacher had already known about the abuse from a student and didn’t do anything. It is not an employee’s mistake. That monster didn’t arrive late to his shift or spell a cup of coffee. He hurt children to the point of no return; it’s irreversible. No matter how severe his punishment or sentence is, there’s nothing that will bring back these kids’ innocence, trust, or belief in the goodness of people.

How sexual abuse affects children

Child abuse has a life-long effect. According to psychological studies, child abuse of any kind, from physical and emotional to sexual abuse results in harmful psychological complications. Kids who have experienced child abuse may suffer from low self-esteem, distrust in people, not being able to form emotional attachments, self-harming and suicidal thoughts, delay in development, violent and aggressive behavior, and an increased sense of guilt. Moreover, they have higher chances of drug and alcohol abuse, suffering from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, as well as learning disorders.

When it comes to kids, they need to be taught that their bodies are theirs and only theirs. Children also need to be provided a safe space where they can speak up and share the events of their days, their dreams, and even their fears. If we live in a world where teachers invalidate their students’ trauma, it’s not a world where children can grow to be healthy and mentally stable. It’s going to be a world formed by predators birthing predators.

If anyone has experienced or witnessed someone go through something like this, it’s about time to speak up, because this cycle must be broken. Additionally, this Mohamed needs to be punished, along with all the other monsters who walk in human skin, preying on the weak, exploiting and terrorizing them.

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