Greenish: Meet the Eco-Warriors Fighting for a Better Middle East

Shady Abdalla and Medhat Benzoher, the founders of Greenish, during a workshop


Egypt doesn’t exactly have the reputation of being environmentally-friendly, but fortunately for us, more and more social enterprises have been trying to change that. In this article, we’ve decided to shed light on Greenish, the organization that has been leading the eco-vanguard to fight for a better and more sustainable future in Egypt and the Middle East.


Abdalla educating children during one of their tours in Egypt


Founded by two Egyptians, Medhat Benzoher and Shady Abdalla, Greenish is a social enterprise that specializes in art, environment, and education. “We plan to raise environmental awareness and encourage the culture of recycling and reusing,” Benzoher tells us.


Coasters made by Greenish through recycling plastic bottles

The inspiration behind Greenish came to the creative twenty-something duo when they just decided one day — out of the blue — to tour the country and help facilitate workshops to different communities. “Our first trip happened last January and it was a self-funded initiative; within that trip, we experienced freedom, impact, and flexibility,” Benzoher tells us how the idea came to them.




Benzoher with a kid during one of Greenish’s artistic workshops


Greenish provides environmental and artistic workshops for both adults and kids in different parts of Egypt — from Nubia, Qulaan, Alexandria, Siwa and much more. In these workshops, they teach participants how to recycle plastic waste and turn them into stylish products that are actually usable.


Benzoher posing for a picture with some of the adults and kids at a workshop


“We want to offer job opportunities in underprivileged communities to combat poverty and contribute to the economic growth in Egypt, and the rest of the region quite soon,” Benzoher stresses on the fact that he and Abdalla have plans to take over the Middle East with Greenish.


One of the stylish wallets Greenish created using recycled plastic bottles



WE SAID THIS: You should totally check out Greenish’s PR manager, Siwa, AKA the green cat. 

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