Greco-Roman Museum to Finally Open Its Doors to the Public by Late 2019

Via WHM portfolio | CGSociety

Alexandria’s iconic Greco-Roman Museum had its doors closed for renovations ever since 2005 and hasn’t opened ever since. However, the wait is almost over! It has been reported that Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced that the museum will be fully renovated and opened to the public by late 2019.


The museum will house 40,000 artifacts that date back to the Greek and Roman eras in Egypt, with 30 exhibition halls under its roof. It was first opened back in 1892 by Khedive Abbas Halim II and was shut down 13 years ago for renovation purposes. Lack of financial allocation was the main reason behind the delay, however, 40% of the upgrade works have been carried out so far.

The Pearl of the Mediterranean, Alexandria, is widely known for its Greek and Roman history and the archaeological findings uncovered under its land and sea. Alexander the Great’s city is home to many sites worth the visit such as the Roman Amphitheater, Pompeii’s Pillar, the Catacombs and of course, the great library known as Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

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