Google Injects $US 1 Million Grant to Improve Its Arabic Search

Greenish for Sustainable Awareness is a leading environmental awareness organization that’s spreading nationwide and is actually a frontrunner in banning single-use plastic in Egypt. Greenish’s environmental and recycling initiatives have been appearing on the first page of Google’s results. And through Maharat Min Google, their online presence radically improved as visits to Greenish’s website increased by up to 40%.

Just days ago, Google made a huge announcement promising many services to the Arab world and one of these announcements was the $US 1 million grant for Arabic digital skills learning program Maharat Min Google!

Google is also regranting Injaz Al Arab; an NGO that specializes in youth training. The fund is going to scale digital skills training in Arabic aiming to reach more than 100,000 people in 2020.

WE SAID THIS: What a great step from Google!