Good News For Qataris: 90% Of Government Services To Be Digitized By 2030

Qatar has announced its ambitious plan to significantly develop its digital infrastructure, aiming at digitizing 90% of its governmental services by 2023.

This was unveiled by the recently launched third National Development Strategy (NDS3) as part of its national vision toward 2030. The strategy entails the establishment of the Center of Excellence to manage the digitization initiatives. In six years, Qatar is expected to be a leading figure in the field of digital government.

The initiative involves reworking the service catalog and establishing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for citizens to ensure maximum quality and delivery. It also includes the launch of centralized AI data capabilities and the tracking of overall institutional performance.

In addition to digitizing 90% of its governmental services, Qatar’s NDS3 ambitions include becoming one of the top 15 countries on the Online Service index and achieving 85% or more customer satisfaction.

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