Prince Faisal in Davos: Peace For Israel Means Peace For Palestine First

During the 54th World Economic Forum taking place in DAVOS, Saudi Arabia implied that the possibility of acknowledging Israel as a state is derailed by the ongoing genocide in Gaza. It also added that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is a pre-requisite for normalizing ties.

According to Reuters, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Faisal, said that the country is open to recognizing Israel on the condition that an independent Palestinian state is established, favoring a two-state solution.

“We agree that regional peace includes peace for Israel, but that could only happen through peace for the Palestinians through a Palestinian state,” said Prince Faisal

Although Saudi Arabia won’t be the first country to normalize ties with Israel, it’ll be Israel’s biggest achievement in the region, given KSA’s status in the Arab world, after UAE and Morocco.

While normalization talk is still on the table for the Saudi Ministry, the Saudis themselves seem to have another opinion. This comes in comparison to a poll conducted by the Washington Institute last December that sampled 1,000 Saudis, and 96% of them believed that Arab countries should cut all diplomatic ties with Israel amid its genocide in Gaza.

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