Gone in 50 Seconds: Sofitel’s Floating Restaurant Sinks Into Deep Waters

The iconic floating Sofitel restaurant, Le Deck tragically sank on July 25. In just 50 seconds, the scenic restaurant and bustling cultural hub vanished without warning. There were no known or noticeable problems with its structure, but at around 8 PM, the deck began sinking with only some bustling sounds and a loud bang as a warning.

Till now, it is unclear whether there were any serious injuries or casualties. There was no official statement from the restaurant nor the hotel’s management regarding the details of the incident. There was also no explanation as to why such a horrific incident took place. An official investigation is yet to be launched regarding the safety and security measures taken by the restaurant’s management and their failure.

Footage of the incident

In the wake of this tragedy, we hope that everyone is safe and that Le Deck would be restored to its once glorious history. 

Le Deck, a once picturesque haven and meeting place for some of Cairo’s most brilliant creatives, first welcomed visitors on its deck in the mid-80s. It was called “Paradise” before being renamed “Le Deck” under new restaurant and Sofitel management. Located in Zamalek opposite Garden City, its charming location overlooking the Nile made it a favorite for foreigners visiting Cairo. It also garnered the love of many in Cairo’s upper-class society from politicians to artists and many renowned businessmen. In fact, the floating restaurant was once so loved that its regulars had their own VIP spots always reserved for them. 

Here’s to hoping that the heritage this Sofitel restaurant left behind is not lost forever in the rubble.

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