‘Glimpses of a Future’: An Experimental Collaboration Reflecting an Artistic Post-Pandemic Future

Words, dance, movement, and several forms of expression, all combined together to reflect on a post-pandemic future. This is what the latest Lebanese-led homemade docuseries ‘Glimpses of a Future,’ currently streaming on Netflix, is all about. A one-of-a-kind virtual collaboration between artists, dancers, and writers from all over the world that took place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Produced by Yaraqa, a Lebanese enterprise connecting different artists through dance, and directed by Romy Assouad, the project was shot through eight short films. Between Lebanon, United States, France, Iran, and Jordan, eight writers and nine dancers had one thing in common, an uncertain future. Using only smartphone cameras and voice recorders, the eight episodes follow words and movements as they foresee a post-pandemic future from their own imagination. The trailer portrays feelings of helplessness and uncertainty that surrounded the world during the lockdowns in 2020, all through dance and movement.

“When the series was originally released on social media, we would have people tell us that at least one episode resonated with them on a deeply personal level—that they related to the honesty of the collaborators in the episode and the humanity that they displayed. They said they felt less alone and more interconnected. Dance can impact different people in different ways, and can communicate our personal narratives in the most profound and humane ways possible,” said Assouad in an interview with Forbes recently.

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