Internet Sensation Gigi Gorgeous Kicked out of Dubai for Being Transgender



Giselle Loren Lazzarato, or as she’s known to her fans worldwide, Gigi Gorgeous, is a Canadian model, actress, internet sensation and one of the most famous transgender people in the world. She has a YouTube channel with almost 2.5M subscribers and has been on many TV shows, including Access Hollywood and Project Runway: All Stars, and in many award shows like VH1’s Streamy Awards and the MTV VMAs.




Gigi, who is also BFFs with Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus, was stopped at the Dubai airport and refused entry into the country by an immigration officer who told her, “I was told you are transgender. You cannot come into the country.” The officer noticed because Gigi’s passport has been updated since her transition to say “Gigi Loren” instead of “Gregory Lazzarato,” the name she was born with, however the passport still describes her as a male and the passport photo still shows her as a male.



Gigi took to social media to discuss the incident. “How you can be denied entry somewhere just because of who you are is seriously disgusting and also very scary,” she wrote. “This further proves the need for CHANGE.” Since then, she’s been flooded with tons of love and support.


Even though the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most liberal, progressive and open-minded Arab countries, homosexuality is still illegal and not only are transgenders punished by the law but “imitation of women by men” is illegal, and violators could face up to a year in jail.




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