Ghada Wali’s Art Theft Case: No Prison, Just a Fine

In a shocking turn of events, the Cairo Economic Court decided that graphic designer Ghada Wali, who plagiarized artwork from Russian artist Georgy Korasov, would not be sentenced to six months in prison but would only pay a 10,000 EGP fine.

In probably one of the biggest copyright cases to hit Egypt, back in 2022, Wali was caught red-handed after it was discovered that the murals she made on the walls of Cairo Underground Metro stations were, in fact, not hers.

They were the designs of Russian artist Georgy Korasov, who is known to paint in an iconic cubist style reminiscent of Picasso. When he found out that Wali had copied four of his paintings, he issued a complaint. On July 7, 2022, the murals were removed from the metro station.

The question is, do you think the court’s new decision is fair, considering that the designs were, in fact, stolen?

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