Getting Through the Quarantine With Kids: From Mindset to Virtual Learning, This Guide is for You

With the Coronavirus outbreak and quarantine precautions taking place unexpectedly, millions of families woke up one day, in the last few weeks, to find themselves involuntarily working from home and homeschooling their young children.

Keeping everything on track can be very challenging for working parents. They have to keep their jobs going the best they can, ensure the safety of their children, both physically and mentally, and make up for them what they are missing from their school time.

On the bright side, these parents can make the best of the time they have with their children. They have the chance to get creative and build strong bonds with them, and that’s why we are bringing you some creative ideas for unforgettable family time.

It’s not a holiday

Being at home all the time gives the children the holiday’s resting and cuddling feeling, and to stop that, timetables should be part of your daily routine.

You should structure your child’s week as if it is a school week, and to make them excited about it, include them in the process of making their timetable that should have assigned tasks with start and end time.

To engage them more, there are some interesting charts with paintings and schedules online, so harry up and choose one to start planing.

Let’s do everything together

Having your kids helping you with the housework will keep them busy, teach them new skills, and strengthen your relationship with them.

Make a game out of every activity you do together, it will encourage them to carry on. And to increase the excitement, for example, get them to collect their broken toys or the stuff they no longer use and recycle them together later.

Don’t forget to workout and meditate

If you are usually too busy to do sports, this is your chance to build a strong body with your beloved ones. With some help from the internet, you and your children can work out and meditate together, and luckily some platforms have started to produce short training videos led by young kids which will involve yours more.

Explore the world from your living room

Virtual tours around the world can’t be easier nowadays. All you need to do is to get dressed, sit on your couch, and take your children on an unforgettable trip everyday. For example, you can travel virtually and see countries from up above, visit a farm, and explore the Great Wall of China in only one day.

Finally, don’t forget to connect with your beloved ones, and try to keep in touch with your family and friends on a daily basis to make up the missed social life.

We Said This: Family time is now all day long!