From Meditation to Diet, How to Stay Healthy at Home During Self-Quarantine

Isolating ourselves in our homes during the quarantine poses a significant challenge for remaining physically active, and the uncertainty about the future causes additional stress on individuals.

All of this might challenge our mental ability to keep calm and positive which can lead to depression among other health issues. That’s why we need healthy lifestyles to look after our bodies and keep our morale up. If you don’t know where to start or what to do, these are our tips to get you started.

Reorganize your place

You can redecorate your house and make a special corner for your different activities. For example, you can divide the space you have into a training corner, working station, and a reading corner.

It will help you recapture a sense of control over your life while feeling productive. Besides, sitting in the same place all day long, even if you were busy doing something, will make you feel bored and it will affect your posture as well as overall health.

Eat Healthy

Being at home for a long time makes us crave all the tasty snacks we see in our kitchens which will surely result in gaining a lot of weight. Therefore, we should be extremely careful about our food and the time we eat.

Breakfast, for example, is the most important part of the day. You need to fill it with nutrient-rich ingredients to help you go healthily throughout the day.

We can also use the extra home time to try new food which can’t be easier with food bloggers, like Hadeer Mourad, sharing mouthwatering recipes on their platforms.

Workout and meditate

If you usually don’t exercise because you’re too busy, you are now out of excuses. Use the lockdown time as a chance to get your dream body, who knows, it might not be that difficult. There are tons of exercises to do without any equipment, and online fitness platforms are here to help you.

A lot of them are now providing free services for anyone to use, such as, Golds Gym Egypt that has recently launched workout-at-home videos on Instagram. Their videos give you easy and handy exercises to add to your daily routine.

Yoga platforms such as Down Dog are also offering free services until the 1st of April. This will help you relieve stress and get through this hard time in one piece.

Don’t forget to socialize

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you are fully isolated from your loved ones, family time will now never end, and it’s a great chance to get in touch with your old friends.

Just dedicate some time for heartwarming conversations, and online websites like social media platforms, Skype, and Zoom make it way easier for you.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is the key to having an energized and productive day. Unfortunately, people with multiple responsibilities couldn’t get enough sleep in their ordinary routines, but now we can all sleep in more!

Be careful, don’t oversleep because it will affect you negatively, and you still need time to get ready for your work even if it’s from home.

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