Corona Meter: The New Interactive Map Created by Two Egyptian Technologists, and it’s in Arabic!

One of the most used tools to visualize and track reported cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in real-time around the globe are interactive dashboards. They were developed in response to the ongoing public health emergency, misinformation about the coronavirus spread, and the escalating numbers of infected people.

One of these interactive maps is Corona Meter; it tracks the confirmed cases, recovery percentages, and mortality numbers around the world. You can navigate in Arabic in addition to other six different languages.

It was developed by two Egyptian technologists, Amr Sobhy, the CEO of PushBost a startup that builds systems that augment communication, and Mohamed Reda Eldehiry, a senior software engineer at Zillow. They started the real-time dashboard with 3 languages, Arabic, English, and French, about a week ago and is being developed with more options.

The meter is updated continuously depending on the numbers of Johns Hopkins University, which has one of the most reliable and most precise coronavirus databases around the globe.

The Corona Meter is very easy to use, all you need to do is to open it from a desktop to view the charts and you’ll have all the confirmed numbers about the virus all over the world. You can either download the charts on your computer or share the number on your social media platforms.

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