Get Your Facts Straight: People Need to Drop the Panic and Racism Caused by the Coronavirus

The new decade doesn’t seem very kind so far, with a third World War almost happening at the beginning of the year and a new plague coming out of China, one wouldn’t be amiss in thinking the end is nigh.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) first broke out in Wuhan, China, but confirmed cases have been popping up in different parts of the world every day; last Friday, Egypt’s announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus. And, as is usually the case, people have been panicking and spreading myths from the start, with widespread racism being a major issue.

People are behaving extremely discriminatory towards people from Asia in general, and Chinese people specifically. People are assuming that any Asian person is Chinese and that any Chinese person could spread the virus! It’s gotten so bad that there have been cases of people at the gym giving Asian members “the look” while keeping their distance!

An Asian restaurant in Cairo took it even further and hung a sign that says, “Chinese people aren’t allowed inside, we’re all Egyptians here”. No clue what’s more annoying; people not going to the restaurant because of the virus, this stupid racist sign, or the fact that they misspelled the Arabic word for ‘Chinese’.

Instead of spreading myths and discriminating against anyone of Asian descent, people can easily read and follow the advice published by the World Health Organization. Not only that, but we should all also share this information to help spread awareness on the matter.

Instead of giving people dirty looks or distancing yourself from anyone who looks remotely Asian, here’s what you should actually be doing to protect yourself.

According to WHO, you should wash your hands frequently, practice respiratory hygiene, and maintain social distancing of people who’re coughing or sneezing. You should also avoid touching your hands, mouths, and eyes as the hands touch many surfaces that can be contaminated with the virus. One should also seek medical help early if they’re exhibiting symptoms like fever, cough or difficulty of breathing.

Moreover, WHO also published a list of myth busters, to stop people from spreading unwanted rumors that could actually harm them. You’d be surprised by the number of crazy myths out there, and that people actually believe stuff like this. The World Health Organization had to actually announce that hand dryers, garlic, and alcohol can’t protect you from the virus, while receiving letters from China and having pets at home won’t get you infected!

WE SAID THIS: Wash your hands often, and stay safe people!