Gas Prices to Rise Again in Egypt



News is spreading that Egypt’s gas prices will yet again rise by July 2015. George Ayad, a Petroleum expert in Egypt, just confirmed that prices will see an increase of at least 30 to 40% by the beginning of the new fiscal year.

This news comes after the Egyptian government has decided to remove the gas subsidies, which was costing them up to 45 billion pounds a year out of their own budget.

The expected prices are to be as follows:

Gas 80 – from 1.60 egp to 2.00 l.e.

Gas 92 – From 2.7 egp to 3.25 l.e.

Gas 95 – From 6.25 egp to 7 – 7.5 l.e.

As for the Solar gas that some trucks an boats run on it will increase from 1.8 egp to 2.10 l.e.


We Said This: Maybe with the price hikes, the streets won’t be as crowded anymore?

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