For the Record: This Week’s Rock Picks: Incubus, Faith No More and Hozier



  • Incubus has just released the video for new single “Absolution Calling”, in which two Incubuses – one clean-cut class, the other biker badass – oversee a dance battle. The track will be featured on new album Trust Fall: Side A which will be released later this month, with a second album coming later in the year.


  • Also out this month is Modest Mouse’s new album Strangers to Ourselves, and this week they’ve shared the final album track “Of Course We Know”:



  • Meanwhile, Faith No More have debuted their new track “Superhero” – quite fittingly – on the Marvel Comics website. As expected, the track is half gritty, half epic-y and all FNM; this is the song you put on when you’re adjusting your cape:



  • My Morning Jacket have just announced a new album titled The Waterfall, which will be their seventh, and released first single “Big Decisions”; here’s your dose of good ol’ country rock:



  • Hozier’s new one “Someone New” is kind of a sing-along song, if you can call an emotionally charged track that, and the brand new video features none other than Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer:



  • Fox is creating a pilot for a sitcom based on the life of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, and specifically his decision to take some time off from the band in the mid-90s to go back to college… and by college I mean Harvard. The sitcom will be titled Detour, and playing Cuomo is British actor Ben Aldridge from the CW’s Reign and BBC show Our Girl.



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