Fuzia: An Online Platform for Empowering Creative Women Around the World

If you happen to be an aspiring female artist, then Fuzia is probably the platform for you. It is an online platform where women from all around the world share and celebrate art, in attempt to empower and encourage one other.



The website allows you to connect with other talents in the creative industry as a whole. Whether you’re a photographer, painter, writer or any kind of artist, you can share your art and receive feedback from other members. The platform acts as a collaboration space where you either sign up as a member to get your voice heard, or become a mentor to teach, inspire and share your expertise with others.


Your Fuzia Lounge is a bit similar to your Facebook timeline. This is where you post your work, create collages of your previous posts and basically showcase your portfolio. There are plenty of other features as well, such as your Shoutbox where you can chat and connect with members all around the world; and your Wassup Fuziaites Board, which is basically similar to a status update in which you can use to tell everyone what you’re up to next.



The creative space doesn’t stop there. Fuzia is working on creating a virtual workspace where members can start to benefit financially. Members will be able to take up freelance projects and actually get paid. The feature is still under construction, but members can keep posting their work to build decent portfolios meanwhile.


The platform is managed by the Fuzia team that consists of 10 women from different countries, with different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, each having a different specialization. It was quite interesting to find an Egyptian among the team members, Hadeer Eissa, the website’s Content Associate, is described as the guiding light and encouragement to the Fuzia members.



The best thing about the website is that you don’t just become appreciated, but you also get higher visibility and exposure. This isn’t just limited to the website, Fuzia might randomly pick your work to be shared with more than three million internet users on their Facebook and Instagram.



What are you waiting for? Go sign up and get your share of appreciation and support!

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