Dostor and Other Sites Accused of Stealing Articles from


Amira Azzouz, the founder of Fustany, was doing some online research the other day. After typing in one of Fustany’s articles on Google’s search engine she was shocked to find their articles copied point blank on other websites!

The plagiarized Fustany article was found on several prominent sites, including, Anaonline,net,, and to name a few.

In the Middle East, most people don’t realize the consequences that may arise when caught plagiarizing, especially if the content is protected by copyright laws. Unfortunately for the culprits, is copyrighted, so nothing – and we mean nothing – can be used by any other person, website, magazine or publication without their permission.

Scoop Empire wants to help Fustany spread the word, since it’s very disappointing for a hard-working team such as theirs to have their time and effort ripped off without the slightest referral or credit given.

Read Amira’s post about the stolen articles here.

WE SAID THIS: Looks like the editors and writers of the above named sites might need to go back to school and learn how to reference their sources!