“Furusiyya”: A New Exhibition at The Louvre Abu Dhabi Exploring Chivalry Between East and West

Via WAM.

Starting on the 19th of February and continuing through to May, the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s latest exhibition ‘Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West’ is juxtaposing the knightly culture of the European West to that of the Middle East. The exhibition hosts around 130 artifacts, including swords, crossbows, helmets, medallions, and tapestries.

The exhibit is divided into three sections: horse riding, warfare, and the daily lives of knights, bringing in elements from both cultures.

Chivalry or ‘Furusiyya’ in Arabic, is a concept that was somewhat similar in both cultures. It is a warrior culture exclusive to males, with only few exceptions, wherein, from a very young age, boys learn to ride horses, sword fight, and other battle skills. These facets of chivalry flourished in the West throughout the French-English conflict known as ‘The Hundred Years War’, while the different conflicts between the struggling Islamic dynasties in our region.

So without further delay here are some snippets of the exhibition.

Walls of Louvre Abu Dhabi depicting battle scenes. Via The National.
A figurine of a knight juxtaposed to Eastern tapestry. Via The National.
Mirror boxes made of ivory depicting tournament scenes. Via The National.
Crossbows from Iran and Syria. Via The National.
An Ottoman helmet displayed next to a European helmet and a chain mail shirt. Via The National.
Eastern and Arab horse equipment. Via The National.
A collection of swords from both Medieval Europe and the Middle East. Via The National.
A horse and knight armor from 16th century Europe (left) and Ottoman horse armor from the 15th century (right). Via The National.
An art piece representing the capture of Roman Emperor Valerian by Sassanian Shah Shapur. Via The National.

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