Functional Yet Stylish: Rock Your Hijab With These Trendy Options

By Yara Osama

The 2021 academic year is about to start, which means we’re going to go to college every single day. Going to college may seem normal for many, but not for veiled girls. Veiled girls can find deciding what to wear every day in college boring and repetitive. As we all know, hijabis need to be creative to style their outfits well. Throughout the years you spend in college, you may feel like ‘oh, here we go again, different day but still the same outfit’ which can affect your mood.

For me, choosing what to wear every day while going to college is a nightmare. I have to prepare my outfit a day before. Needless to say, how I really feel nervous when I’m late for lectures and I still don’t know what to wear. It is not easy to wear both comfy and trendy outfits. Sometimes, I wear a lot of layers, and that really bothers me throughout the day.

For the long hours we spend in university, there are countless ways and options to wear hijabi clothes, but it is all about creativity and coordinating the pieces we wear in a comfy and fashionable way. Choosing the patterns and colors is not easy, but it can be if you watch how others wear and learn. Personally, I could not have a good mixture of pieces at first, so I followed a couple of hijabi bloggers that have the perfect style, which helped me for my everyday look in college and enabled me to coordinate my pieces in a trendy and cool way.

In summer, there are different styles to wear. An oversized long sleeve t-shirt, yoga pants, jeans, wide pants, and oversized pants can look very trendy with a shirt on top of it. Summer means oversized and colorful clothes. Just imagine yourself wearing colorful pants and a white blouse, such a simple yet elegant outfit. And for those who prefer wearing skinny jeans, you can wear it with an oversized blouse or shirt as well, while adding small touches to your outfit, with a backpack and sneakers.

While winter is about clothes that keep you warm, it’s my favorite season as I don’t struggle with styling my outfits. For me, winter during college means oversized pullovers, hoodies, scarves, skinny jeans, sweatpants, dark sneakers, and a pair of boots. You go out wearing sweatpants and a jacket; a very comfy outfit that will make you feel like you’re in your pajamas, but still, look trendy. And if you want to take my advice for your college outfits, try not to wear too many layers, just add one jacket to feel comfortable. Wearing too many layers can make it such a hassle for you to even move your arm freely.

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