From Uncharted Territories to Cultural Experiences: Discover the Secret Peaks of Iraq

Seeking adventure can be addictive for so many reasons. For some, to have the opportunity to discover new places that only a few people got to see is absolutely surreal, and for others, the mere idea of reaching the summit can make them feel like they own the world, that nothing out there can stop them from reaching anything they want in life! Climbing can also make you appreciate nature and respect the environment around you even more.

The Middle East has blessed us all with the most beautiful natural sceneries; from the highest climbable peak waiting for you to climb, to discovering the rich and different cultures from our region.

Iraqi Kurdistan is one of the most stunning destinations to not only enjoy the breathtaking nature, but it’s also perfect for all adrenaline junkies out there who want to discover a new site and experience local cultures at the same time.

There’s a new expedition that’s going to take place in March, July and August of 2020 in Iraqi Kurdistan; it’s a cultural and supportive experience in one neat adventure bundle.

Why go on an expedition in Kurdistan you ask? You’ll actually get the chance to climb the 3607m mount Halgurd as well as The Zagros mountains that extend 1500 km from Iran’s western border into northern Iraqi Kurdistan and up to the eastern reaches of Turkey; these mountains are considered sacred by the Kurds. You’ll also get the chance to make new friends, Kurds are known for their generosity and hospitality. The expedition is guaranteed to leave you with new friends and invitations to tea or lunch!

WE SAID THIS: Click here to be part of the next expedition!

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