From Spice Boxes to Moroccan Tea Sets, Here Are 9 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas From the Arab World

Do you know what season this is? You got it right, it’s wedding season and we can’t be more excited! Pandemic or not, people are going through with their wedding schedules and we, subsequently, should be having our own thoughts as well on what presents we should be bringing along when our friends are tying the knot!

Believe us, we’ve been in your shoes and we can totally relate to the core of the dilemma, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

So here’s a list of thoughtful gifts you can buy your loved ones on their special day that they will actually love (and keep)!

A personalized memory box where they can put in many of their photographs and memorable collectibles

Silicone heart-shaped molds will serve as the cute gesture for the newlyweds to keep the romantic vibes going for as long as these molds are being used

A kitchen toolbox is a practical gift that any married couple would need

Incense is also a great gift to make the phrase “love is in the air” quite literal, don’t you think?

Cooking books and spice boxes will definitely be of great help for the newlyweds

Unisex gift baskets from one of the many amazing local brands

A customized doormat is another thoughtful present that will give their new home a sense of warmth

A Polaroid camera so the newlyweds can always keep the memories they capture together

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Moroccan tea sets will add a touch of the oriental to a new house and are great for hosting

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