Shop These Unique Wedding Gift Ideas From the Arab World

It’s wedding season meaning you’re being invited to a copious number of weddings left and right. So we’ve curated a list of gifts to congratulate the happy couple.

Liven Up Their Walls With Art D’Égypte

Art and culture cultivator, Art D’Égypte is got you covered when it comes to all things art for your friends. If they’re artsy, then look no further than their website as they sell art by various artists of different styles that range from contemporary to surrealist.

Upscale Their Floors With A Kahhal1871 Touch

Sometimes the customized welcome mat is just not enough. You can help your friends create a bold and vivid aesthetic in their home by gifting them a carpet by the one and only Kahhal1871. After all, a carpet brings the whole room together. Shop their vibrant range of carpets through their official website.

Light Up Their Home With Asfour Crystal

For a touch of elegance for your friends’ new place, there’s no better suggestion than to light it up with anything from a chandelier to any other lighting fixture courtesy of Asfour Crystal. The renowned stores sell everything you might need when it comes to style, color, and size to make your friends feel more posh in addition to other things beyond light fixtures.

Help Decorate Their Homes With Whimsical Art

MUD Studios is got an eclectic range of creations, from frames to sculptures that will add a creative twist to your friends’ home. Whether it’s this silver bulldog or a surrealist painting, the one-stop artistic gallery is definitely got something for every couple and mood. You can shop their latest creations through their website which features artistic things such as vibrant vases.

Antique Your Way Through Their Hearts

There’s nothing like getting your friend a piece of art that’s worth so much history, a literal antique. From Zamalek’s Gallery Fanous to Heliopolis’ Odyssey, Cairo has many rich antique shops that are worth a thousand stories and a piece of it makes a great sentimental wedding gift.

Appliances To Add Electricity For The Lovebirds

To add electricity to your favorite lovebirds’ home, look no further than appliances. For the ultimate breakfast in bed, you can grab them a sandwich maker that will guarantee them to have all their breakfasts in bed and stay out of cafes. With that perfect crunch, they’ll be coming back for more bites. You can get your hands on this sandwich maker either from Jumia or Amazon.

Kitchenware That Newlyweds Would Need

Starting with the essentials, kitchenware. You can get the pair a cute tea set to pull out for their fancy guests. Everything tea related and more can be purchased from stores like Tulipe which has branches all over Cairo. They would also appreciate having a new set of kitchen cutlery knives in their kitchen. They can be purchased anywhere from Ikea to Elshawwa giving you a selection of styles at various prizes to select from. These are only a few suggestions when it comes to kitchenware, but at the mentioned stores you can essentially find anything kitchen or homeware related for that matter.

Via Tulipe

Nothing Says I Love You More Than Cookbooks

Now that your friend has the kitchenware, it’s a goal that she uses them so why don’t you get the couple a cooking book? What’s screams romance more than learning how to cook together? The pair can travel the world through eclectic recipes and dishes a lot with a tie of an apron and a flip of a page. Some cookbooks that are great to get them started are Nehal Leheta’s Authentic Egyptian Cooking: From The Table of Abou El Sid if they want to start off with trying to cook local dishes. You can purchase one at the local bookstores such as Diwan. But for a trip to Lebanon, opt for Rose Water and Orange Blossoms: Fresh & Classic Recipes from my Lebanese Kitchen by Maureen Abood which you can get through Amazon and a Kindle, online version is also available.

Let us know what you’ll be buying the next time you’re going to a wedding and if we missed anything.

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