From Saudi To Egypt: Highlighting Ramadan Experiences Across The Region

Ramadan hits different across the region as each country offers something unique when it comes to the festive month. This year alone, expect everything from full-fledged opulent Ramadan tents in Dubai to newly set up vibrant and lively markets in Saudi Arabia. If you are planning on travelling during the holy month, here are some fun Ramadan experiences you can expect across the region.

UAE’s Extravagant Ramadan Tents

The UAE knows how to do luxury and extravagance and when it comes to Ramadan, every year, there’s a touch of glamour to its customs and celebrations including its Ramadan tents. This year, in Dubai, many cool tents have been set up offering you the ultimate Ramadan experience including the Al Majlis that flaunts a high ceiling and exquisite Arabesque designs and Fairuz Garden, home to sparkling chandeliers, intricate archways and a large open buffet.

Egypt’s Mouthwatering Food

Home to the widely adored spread of everything from mahshi (stuffed vegetables) and roasted pigeon to macarona bechamel and rokak, Egypt is the literal food haven for every foodie out there, especially during Ramadan. This year, the country went full out with its iftar and suhoor spots as well as its dessert creations. For suhoor, a great spot to hit up is Hagoga, an authentic open-air Egyptian eatery were you’ll enjoy melt-in-your-mouth beef and heavily-creamed dishes served in their signature tagine. For the dessert lovers out there, bakeries and patisseries across the country have been battling it out to whip out new and whimsical creations including the konafa bil shai bil laban (milk tea flavor) and the chocolate covered sambosak.

Saudi’s Vibrant Old Town Alula Market

Nothing beats the hustle and bustle of a thriving souq (market) during Ramadan where you can buy all the essentials whether it’s food, decorations or fashion. All across Saudi Arabia, there are prominent old markets that you can hit up, each one offering a different experience. For a fresh and new experience, this year, visitors can head to AlUla’s Old Town Market and stroll along Incense road lined with fruit and vegetable stalls as well as arts, crafts, fashion and souvenir stores. It’s the perfect kind of shopping experience immersed in the spirit and vibe of Ramadan.

Via Arab News

Qatar’s Mega Park Carnival

Ramadan is known to be a time that brings together friends and family during iftar gatherings but beyond that, all across the region, events have been set up for families to spend quality time in unique settings and engage in fun activities. Qatar is doing something new and special this year by hosting its very own Mega Park Carnival at Al Bidda Park. Starting from 16 April, for 15 days families and friends can gather and enjoy the park’s entertainment shows, whimsical carnival as well as their giant balloons scattered across the park.

Bahrain’s Exquisite Gold Festival

During Ramadan, a lot of us like to get doled up by wearing a colorful kaftan or galabiya especially when we are invited to an iftar gathering. Beyond the clothes, jewelry is the ultimate accessory to add a touch of elegance to your Ramadan outfit. For the ultimate jewelry shopping experience, Bahrain is holding the second edition of the Deira Gold Festival were a total of 37 shops will be participating. Bring your friends and family and head to the festival and make sure to some bargaining skills up your sleeve.

With each of these countries offering a unique Ramadan experience, travelling during the holy month can be a great way to take in all that the month has to offer. A lot of us are used to spending Ramadan in our own country but by travelling, it’s a great way to try out new experiences among friends and family to make the month even more special.

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