All Nationalities May Soon Be Able To Apply For Schengen Visas Online

The EU have just announced a possible major update to the Schengen visa application process, one that will make the entire process a whole lot easier. There are new plans to digitize the application process so that applicants can apply for the visa online rather than in-person. This is going to apply to people who have already applied to a Schengen visa in the past while for first time applicants, they will need to make an in-person appearance at the consulate to issue their first visa. The update will be applicable to all countries including the UAE.

In the future, all applications for Schengen visas are planned to be made through an online platform that will act as a one stop shop for the entire application process. Through this platform, applicants will include all their relevant information as well as upload electronic copies of their travel documents and pay their visa fees. After completing all the steps, applicants receive their visa in digital form, as a 2D barcode.
This will make the process more practical and reduce security risks related to fake or stolen visa stickers. The decision is still not set in stone as the Council presidency will still begin negotiations with the European parliament to reach a final decision.

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