From Razane Jammal to Haifa Wehbe, Here’s How Lebanese Celebrities Shared Their Grief With The World

We’ve all witnessed the unfortunate humanitarian crisis that took place in the heart of Lebanon’s capital with a deadly explosion causing mass hysteria, huge buildings crumbling and glass shattering all over the city. Since Lebanon has already been suffering economically as well as politically for months now, the massive explosion only caused more distress and frustration within the Lebanese community. With heavy hearts, Lebanon’s celebrities, some of whom were directly affected, shared their own experience with different takes on the matter, depicting their sorrow and grief following the incident as well as sharing pictures of their destroyed homes.

Haifa Wehbe revealed the destruction of her own house noting that her housemaid got severe injuries in the head and eyes after yesterday’s blast through a series of Instagram stories showing images of her wrecked house. With a broken heart, Haifa prayed for her entire country and further reassures her audience that she and her family are safe and sound.

On a more aggressive take, Elissa expressed her infuriation on the incident posting her sky-high apartment covered in broken glass after the explosion broke, pointing her frustration into political parties as she tweeted in harsh words “Those ruling us are a jinx. Those responsible for what happened today due to their neglect are jinx through and through. Go home and to the trash bin of history!”

Similarly, TV host Tony Khalifeh vented his anger at Beirut officials calling the incident a “catastrophe and a scandal of neglect” wondering what more needs to happen for authorities to give up their positions. “I woke up a while ago, thinking that what happened yesterday was a horrifying nightmare,” he wrote through his Twitter account.

Former Miss Lebanon and Actress Nadine Nassib Nagim, who was injured and reportedly hospitalized for 6 hours, described a scene of horrific incidents where she found her Beirut apartment in pieces and her blood spattered on her living room walls. She found herself having to run down 22 flights of stairs, bare-foot, only to witness a scene of panic and chaos in the streets with many severely injured, cars being overturned on highways and a blast radius reaching as far as 10 km from the port.

Following the same approach, British-Lebanese Actress Razane Jammal described in detail everything that happened during the few minutes of the blast through an Instagram video depicting how heavy and frightening the experience was. She also provided links to raise awareness about the foundations that need assistance and blood transfers for people to lend a helping hand during this time of crisis. Through her touching words used, we found ourselves in the shoes of every Lebanon citizen, feeling their immense pain.

Ragheb Alama in turn thanked all the concerned fans assuring them that he and his beautiful family haven’t been injured by the deadly explosion, praying for the Lebanese people to stay protected and heal fast. Assi El Helany, who was clearly shocked and traumatized by the incident, used strong words, saying that the explosion felt like a hurricane, going as far as swearing that he hasn’t witnessed such a tragic event even in times of war,  putting the blame on officials just like many others have done, as well as hoping for a speedy recovery of those injured, and for those who have passed to rest in peace.

We stand in solidarity with the Lebanese people, with our deepest sympathy and grief. Beirut will rise from the rubble once again.

WE SAID THIS: All our prayers are with beautiful Lebanon!

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