Bullying Explained: Tara Emad Talks to Hassan El Morshedy in Her Latest Podcast

Via Fustany

We’ve always wondered why podcast culture isn’t more widespread in the Arab world. The amount of wasted potential is huge; there is so much content, knowledge, entertainment, and more that can travel through different minds through podcasts. Podcasts tackle different interests, societal issues, they can be very informative on certain topics, as well as a huge source of entertainment. The podcast that we’d like to highlight today is by Egyptian Actress Tara Emad, and it’s called “Bullying Explained”.

As you can guess from the name, the podcast talks about the massive problem that is bullying. It sheds light on this problematic issue, and through the series, it tries to raise awareness and keep the conversation going on how we can identify and solve it.

Bullying is everywhere around us, be it physical, mental, digital, or other forms. The podcast delves more into the subject using insights and personal experiences of individuals and experts in the field. Her latest episode with Real Estate Giant Hassan El Morshedy was very moving and insightful and shows you that everyone no matter how strong they are can experience bullying, and explores how we can act upon it and take a stand.

WE SAID THIS: Always remember to be kind to one another.