From Cairo to Aswan, Egypt Sets Initiative to Restore Statues in Public Squares

As part of their efforts to revive national heritage and public monuments, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched a nationwide campaign to clean and restore statues in public squares in all governorates. Starting with Aswan, restorers and experts from Aswan Antiquities Inspectorate began the maintenance and cleaning statues of celebrated Novelist Abbas Al-Aqqad, and the internationally-renowned Egyptian Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Sir Magdy Yacoub.

In the last few years, the Egyptian government has been very conscious on beautifying the streets and conducting maintenance service on old buildings and properties. From collecting litter and planting trees, to painting walls of governmental institutions all the same colors for consistency. All these features have contributed to enhancing the country’s image, encouraging domestic and international tourism.

Ancient statues and sculptures make up most of the aesthetic of public squares, and are sometimes the most distinctive feature of a certain street or neighborhood. Scroll down to see some of the most popular statues in Egypt’s streets.

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