From A-Ha to La Traviata, Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Need to go to the Dubai Opera This Season

The Dubai Opera experience is incomparable to anything else you’ll attend. Dubbed as the ‘creative heart of the city’, this is where you can get dressed up, celebrate your love for arts, and enjoy world-class entertainment. Here are our top choices for you to attend at Dubai Opera this season.


Set to be staged at the Dubai Opera from January 10 to 12, this musical performance is based on Bollywood’s 1960 classic romance movie ‘Mughal-E-Azam’, directed by K. Asif. The performance is directed by award-winning Feroz Abbas Khan who will remain faithful to the original while adding extravagant choreography and lavish costumes. Outside India, Dubai is the first city where the show is being performed for the second time. Buy your tickets here!


After selling over 55 million albums worldwide and dominating pop charts in the 80s, this iconic trio will be performing on the 10th and 11th February, at Dubai Opera. Hurry up and get your tickets now for the 10th, as the 11th has already been sold out!

The Kite Runner

For the first time in the Middle East, Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling international novel will be staged at Dubai Opera from 27th to 29th February. Following the story of two friends in Kabul, we assure you that this theatrical performance will be a memorable one. Tickets are on sale now!

Gipsy Kings by André Reyes

Gipsy Kings by André Reyes, which was formed in the late 70s, will entertain their audience with their ‘Tour Gipsy Unidos’ on 12 March, for just one night. Don’t miss tuning in to their latest hits, and buy your tickets!

La Traviata

Who wouldn’t enjoy a classical masterpiece by Giuseppe Verdi! This tragic love story will be performed for the first time in the Middle East, at Dubai Opera, from 19 to 21 March. Get your tickets from here!

Dial M for Monday

To all Alfred Hitchcock’s fans, his classic crime thriller Dial M for Murder is coming to Dubai Opera, from 8 to 11 April. Here’s where you can buy your tickets!

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