“Friends” Fans in Dubai Need to Check out This Central Perk Inspired Cafe!

Via Whatson Dubai

There is a new café in Dubai that is inspired by the iconic café in one of the most popular sitcoms ever, Friends. The new place is called Cross Cultural Perks, close to the name of the one in the sitcom, Central Perk!

Cross Cultural Perks can be found in the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa in Al Fahidi and promises interiors inspired by the 90s hit TV show. The café is filled with mismatched trinkets on the walls and shelves; the walls are laden with posters similar to Central Perk in the TV sitcom.

The Friends Themed café is open literally 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! The menu is super diverse; you have Indian food, Asian food, Emirati signatures made with camel meat, alongside the normal dishes on every menu!

WE SAID THIS: We’re waiting for that Game of Thrones themed cafe.