Student Expelled From Al-Azhar University After Proposal Ends With Hug

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This month, the media is up in arms over a hug shared by two University students! A young romantic man decided to surprise a female student at Al-Azhar University in Mansoura. Inside the campus, the man went down on his knee with flowers in his hands and proposed, taking a blindfolded girl by surprise.

The girl naturally was taken away by the gesture and hugged the guy.

The video went viral and the best moment of her life turned into a nightmare. Al-Azhar expelled the female student and justified the decision by saying her actions had undermined the school’s reputation.

Outrage has spread across social media as the ruling seemed too harsh considering that the girl’s future is ruined. TV host; Amr Adib, asked Al-Azhar University on his show, El-Hekaya, on MBC Masr to reconsider the decision and apply a penalty that will not ruin her life.

Another reason people are enraged is that the man was not punished and the decision was deemed sexist. However, multiple sources claim that the man is not an Al-Azhar student, otherwise, he would have suffered the same consequences.

This is not the first time a campus hug goes viral and students get expelled. In 2017, another couple in Tanta University were caught on video hugging after a similar proposal and things soon took an ugly turn. The media frenzy was out of this world and the man had to publicly apologize on television.

UPDATE: The Highest Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb has urged Al-Azhar University’s board to reconsider the decision. Although the top Sunni Islam clerk has stated that the act was’unacceptable’ and unbecoming of ‘religious and oriental traditions’, he cited the student’s young age and future.

In addition, the Higher Education Minister Khaled Abdelghaffar has stated on Adib’s show that he is personally intervening to reverse the board’s decision.

The statements of the two officials have been well-received on social media, and overall, it is an amazing step for Egypt in the right direction.

WE SAID THIS: Young lovers, do not propose on campus. We repeat. Do not propose on campus!

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