France Slammed by Female Activists After Controversial Vote to Ban the Hijab for Girls Under 18

A few days ago, rage was expressed across all social media platforms in the Middle East after the French senate voted that girls under the age of 18 are not allowed to wear the hijab in public, and that Muslim mothers who wear the hijab are prohibited from going with their children on school field trips. Although the law was voted by the senate, it still needs to go back to the assembly to be voted again. Following this announcement, activists, influencers, and social media users, took to their platforms to express their anger and fury, with some going as far as calling on their followers to boycott French products. According to these girls, this vote is a complete violation of religious freedom.

Using the hashtag #handsoffmyhijab, many hijabi women took this declaration as an opportunity to narrate their stories, and tell the world the discrimination that they face daily, simply for wearing the hijab. Others also criticized France for repeatedly placing itself as an advocate for human rights and preaching about freedom, and yet, denies a minority in their country their right to choose the way they dress. Scroll down to get a glimpse of some of the most prominent reactions to this ban from women all over the world.

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