Forever Single Egyptians Turn Abu El-Arousa Show’s Romance Into Hilarious Memes

Winter means two things: food and romance. Fictional romance, that is. Our forever single status has taken it’s toll on us and while we usually think we need a good old dose of TV romance, we actually don’t.

There are Romeo and Juliet, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Qais and Laila and then there is Tarek and Zeina. A couple; in Abu El-3arusa an Egyptian TV series that is making waves. The couple, and the show went viral last year for their non-stop flirting and vicious fight against circumstances and the very familiar ‘parents feud’.

Season two has just started on DMC channel and while people were excited at first, Tarek; being the perfect husband he is, has seemed to get on peoples wrong side this time.

How dare Mahmoud El-Hegazy’s character imply that husbands bring wives breakfast in bed? And the constant “I love you” is manipulating our expectations from love.

Rest assured, we’ve learned our lesson in season one and we are not falling for it again. Perfect love does not exist and the memes of Tarek are here to remind us, thats just incase we ever forget.

Here are the Internet’s most hilarious Abu El-3arusa memes by Elwaga3 Facebook page:

Name: Tarek, Job: I love you
Tarek: I love you so much, Zeina
Zeina: Enough, Tarek. People are bored.
I wonder when Tarek will cheat on her
The first Egyptian actor who makes us hate romance, love, care and all the things we’ve dreamt of
Via Elwaga3

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