Warning Ladies: Tarek From The Arabic Sit-Com “Abu El Arousa” Does Not Exist!

Valentine’s day was just around the corner and everyone is either lonely or disappointed with the gift they got. Every now and then Hollywood, Bollywood, and our fabulous Egypt, introduce us to a power couple that give us hope in a better future. But trust them not, these people are just as fictional and distinct as Jurrasic Park’s dinosaurs.

We can handle Dorra’s Character falling in love with Antar in Antar Ebn Ebn Ebn Shadad or Tamer Hashem getting engaged to a mediocre journalist in Sabe’a Gar, or even the infamous love story of Azmy and Ashgan. But, there comes a point where we refuse to believe in fairy tales and that point is Abu El-Arousa sit-com.

Via Abu El-Arousa Facebook page

Ladies, there are good men out there. Men who will go as far as driving all the way from 6th October to New Cairo for a cup of coffee with you. Yet, let’s be honest, Tarek, played by Mahmoud Hegazy, is one man we refuse to believe in. A man who buys you 100 balloons to make up with you? And that’s not even the worst part. He has written down “100 reasons why he loves his fiance” on cards attached to those balloons.

Via Abu El-Arousa Facebook page

Tarek even stands against his mom and her socialist attitude for the sake of love. We don’t know about you, but Tarek does not exist. We repeat. Tarek does not exist!

Via Abu El-Arousa Facebook page

For the love of God, can TV shows stop raising our expectations? because whenever we do, we just end up with a text as short as “K” from our lovers.

Let’s all watch, gag and throw tomatoes at our screens while crying our hearts out:

قالها عندي 100 سبب يخلوني أحبك وماقدرش أبعد عنك مسلسل أبو العروسة

قالها عندي 100 سبب يخلوني أحبك وماقدرش أبعد عنك وأثبتلها ده بالأفعال مش بس كلام طارق جميل ياريت تكونوا زيه وماتسيبوش اللي بتحبوهم زعلانين فاجئوهم وفرحوهم😍😘#أبو_العروسة#سيد_رجب #سوسن_بدر #ميدو_عادل #محمد_عادل #محمود_حجازي #كارولين_عزمي #ولاء_الشريف #حسام_يوسفSayed RagabCaroline Azmyولاء الشريف

Posted by ‎مسلسل أبو العروسة‎ on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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