Saudi women Can Now get their divorce confirmation via text!

Via Per Second News

The Saudi Justice Ministry has issued a new regulation today, making it mandatory for all Saudi women to receive a text message when the court issues their divorce papers. This new regulation ensures that all Saudi women get their full rights when they’re divorced. Although this may seem strange this is actually a step up, as prior a man could easily divorce his wife without giving her any notification at all.

Women in the kingdom have gained more rights since H H Mohammed Bin-Salman took power two years ago. His most famed moment to date has made history, allowing women behind the wheel. This move shows how Bin-Salman, is eager to make change when it comes to women’s rights in a new era in Saudi Arabia.

Having said that, there is a long way to go as many of their rights are still restricted to having a male guardianship system. According to that legal system, women of Saudi Arabia need their guardian’s approval before doing anything, between issuing a passport, traveling, marriage, or even getting out of prison!

WE SAID THIS: At least Saudi women will no longer be the last to know that they’re divorced!