For the Record: Is this the New and Improved Meghan Trainor?



Meghan Trainor has been in the music scene long enough to have several hit singles and a widely recognized persona – she’s cute, she’s sassy and, unfortunately, she’s kind of sexist.

It’s easy to poke holes in her controversial lyrics. Her original big hit “All About That Bass” was meant to be a declaration of body confidence, but it was marred by the references to skinny bitches and the message, yet again, that female bodies need to cater to what men like. And, of course, we have feminist nightmare “Dear Future Husband”, which, while it aimed to be progressive in some way, was not only insulting, but also came with a video in which she was scrubbing floors, for crying out loud.

But now… now we have a new Meghan Trainor. She may still be sassy, but she’s no longer interested in catering to what the boys want. This Meghan gave up the blonde hair and the bright clothes and the doo wop tunes for a darker, edgier look and a 90s hip-hop girl band inspired sound. This is the song that I’d hoped Destiny’s Child had made a comeback with. It’s catchy, her voice is great and it’s empowering — and not selectively empowering as her past songs have been. Also, the fishnet body suit is a bold choice.



You go, girl.




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