Following The United States, Guatemala Also Moves Its Embassy to Jerusalem!

Via Reuters

Today, Guatemala opened their embassy in Jerusalem, only two days after the United States inaugurated their own. The decision resulted in mass protests by Palestinians, and open fire from Israeli forces; resulting in 60 casualties and thousands of injuries.

Via Middle East Monitor

The international community condemned the decision of moving the embassy, and opening fire on the Palestinian protestors. But that did not stop Guatemala from following the US and opening their embassy in Jerusalem.

“It’s not a coincidence that Guatemala is opening its embassy in Jerusalem right among the first. You were always among the first. You were the second country to recognize Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said while meeting Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales in the embassy’s opening.

Guatemala was one of only a few nations that backed Trump’s decision in December to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and is only the second country to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Paraguay said it will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of May.

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