Find Your Inner Peace In Bahareya

(Ernie R/flickr)

Because yoga is all about finding your inner peace and meditating, Mandala Yoga always chooses divine locations for their expeditions.

This time, they’re heading to a peaceful haven on the outskirts of the Bahareya oasis known as Lazuli Ecolodge from Feb. 26  to Mar. 1, 2015.

A shimmering oasis for the mind, Lazuli is the perfect spot to become immersed in yoga, to meditate and to heal.

As Mandala Yoga always does, highlighting the beauty and serenity of Egypt’s hidden locations, you’ll experience the open desert, hot springs and pure blue skies lit with candle-like starry nights.

Rising from the sands, Lazuli was built using natural materials found in its surroundings.

Go back to basics and experience the carefree life of the eco-friendly lodge, which is filled with a sense of coziness and serenity that you will fall in love with.



Egypt, Lower Egypt, Libyan Desert, Bahareyya Oasis, Lazuli Lodge, Ecolodge, room in rammed clay


Egypt, Lower Egypt, Libyan Desert, Bahareyya Oasis, Lazuli Lodge, Ecolodge, the main lane without electricity at dusk, the mosque in the background


And let’s not forget how utterly breathtaking Bahareya is with its massive stretches of golden sand sprinkled with other-worldly white.




(Le Batteur De Lune/flickr)
(Le Batteur De Lune/flickr)



Or the beauty of the camel caravans loping along the vast pureness of the desert.




(Alfie Ianni/flickr)
(Alfie Ianni/flickr)


Or just how surreal it is to escape the buzz of the city and relax in a place as beautiful as this. Is this the perfect getaway or what?


(Ernie R/flickr)
(Ernie R/flickr)



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