Where to Find Gluten-Free Food in Cairo

The words “gluten-free diet” is usually mistaken for people who are either dieting or seeking a healthier lifestyle. But gluten intolerance is a condition where people are sensitive and react to a wheat protein called gluten. The symptoms can be as simple as fatigue and as extreme as joint pain and gastrointestinal problems.

Whenever Egyptians are diagnosed with gluten intolerance, finding gluten-free food is a major struggle just as much as the disease itself. It is usually easier to find gluten-free products like pasta and rice, while other gluten-free items like bread can be a bit challenging if you are not willing to bake it yourself.

To make a gluten-free existence easier for Cairenes, we decided to share some of the locations that were highly recommended by the gluten-sensitive community.



Gourmet Egypt



You can find a selection of pasta, rice, buckwheat, biscuits, roasted almond and potato gnocchi. For more information on their products, check out their website.



Royal House Supermarket 




The store has an entire section dedicated to gluten-free flour, bread, rice, pasta, cereal and crackers. For more information, you can reach the store at 02-24514447,  02-24514445 or 02-24500233.



Nature’s Gifts Stores



NGS has almost everything from chocolate biscuits, wafers, granola bars all the way to flour, toast, rice and pasta. For more information, check out their Facebook page.



Sunny Supermarket



You can find a selection of gluten-free biscuits and crackers at Sunny Market in Zamalek. You can also check out more of their products on their Facebook page.



Health Harvest 



Health Harvest store has a variety of gluten-free cake and pancake mixes, oats and pizza crust mix. You can check out their gluten-free products on their website.



Bio Shop



You can find different types of gluten-free pasta, noodle, cereal, chocolate snacks and crackers. For more info, check out their Facebook page Bio Shop.



The Vegan Kitchen



The restaurant has an entire menu filled with gluten-free chips, flat bread and pizza base. You can follow their Facebook page for more information.



Oscar Market


The supermarket has pasta, rice and flour. For more information, you can contact them at 0222907022 or 01289864183.



Alfa Market



The supermarket has a wide range of gluten-free pasta, rice, flour, crackers, muesli, breadsticks and wafers. For more information, you can reach them at their hotline 19299.



Seoudi Market



The supermarket sells pasta, rice and flour. For more information, you can contact them at 16176



Bakeliscious Specialty Bakes



For gluten-free breads and cakes, you can order at Bakeliscious Specialty Bakes’ Facebook page.



Fino Bakery



The store has a whole menu dedicated to gluten intolerance, with gluten-free bread, quiche, pie, brownies and muffins. You can check the menu on their website.



Cookies ‘N More



You can find a delicious menu filled with gluten-free bread, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, corn bread and pumpkin and carrot loafs. For more treats, check out their website.



Happy Belly Catering



You can find gluten-free vegan desserts on their Facebook page.



Miriam Market


The Maadi store currently has gluten-free pasta. You can reach them at 0225196488, 0225165833 or 0225196499.



WE SAID THIS: If you are gluten intolerant, follow the Facebook page Living gluten-free in Egypt for delicious recipes and tips for surviving in Egypt without gluten.