Featuring The Pharaohs In Upper Egypt, Sohag National Museum Is Finally Open For Tourists

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By Nada Hamouda

After more than 25 years of construction, Sohag’s National Museum was finally inaugurated by Egyptian President, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, on Monday. However, the landmark which overlooks the Nile is now open for visitors from all over the world to see the historical part of Upper Egypt.

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With an exclusive collection of antiquities, the museum contains statues of kings and artifacts that shed light on the customs and traditions of the ancient Egyptian families. Moreover, it also shows the religious ideology of the pharoahs.

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“The foundation stone of the Sohag Museum was laid in 1989 until the president issued instructions to complete the project. It was completed on an area of 870 square meters at a total cost of LE 72 million,” the Head of Administrative Control Authority, Mohamed Arfan, said.

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