Was Our Favorite War Scene from ‘Khalsana Beshyaka’ Stolen?

We love Ahmed Mekky. He is hands down our favorite comedian this year, as well as every other year. It seems, however, that social media is disappointed with what was considered their favorite show this Ramadan. Facebook users have been sharing an ad for “The Mail” which looks surprisingly similar to the major war scene from “Khalsana Beshyaka.”


The mosalsal has, nonetheless, added an Egyptian touch to the scene, but the similarities are not sitting well with viewers. We do not blame the actors whatsoever though, as we do not think it was their call in any way. Whoever made this decision, please know that it is always a genuine disappointment to find out that our favorite mosalsal scenes or ads are stolen.



Watch the scene from Mekky’s hit series below:




And here’s the so-called original version:




WE SAID THIS: We will choose to call it an inspiration, not a copy.