Ahmed Malek Absolutely Killed It in ‘La Totfe2 El Shams’ and Everyone Is Crying



Wow. Just wow. We’ve been wowed over and over again by the whole cast and story line in “La Totfe2 El Shams.” Last night, Ahmed Malek literally left us bawling our eyes out. Malek plays the role of a young male sibling, who comes from a rich family, but has chosen a different path for himself. He provides for himself by working as an Uber driver, a mechanic and a DJ.


The character falls in love with a girl, that happens to be from a different and lover social/economic class than that of Malek’s character, and no one is making his fight to marry her, and his decision to create his own path, any easier. SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU DON’T WANT THE SHOW RUINED FOR YOU!!! In last night’s episode, Malek’s character decides that he has had enough with everyone, and started fighting for love, but tragedy unfortunately struck.



That talk he had with his girlfriend’s brother left us with tiny tears in our eyes. It reminded us of every single time  life failed us





Then his girlfriend starts fighting back, telling him she’ll wait for him but she needs to understand where she stands




But he fails her and then he starts crying; then she starts crying; then we all start crying. It was a mess




He hears she’s in the hospital and we all think it must be a failed suicide attempt




She dies and we are literally screaming. Ahmed Malek’s performance was KILLLER




He goes to his family and there you go; an Oscar-worthy performance




The episode ends with Malek standing on the edge of a bridge, contemplating suicide and we are just numb. Absolutely numb. What is life if Malek decides to kill himself? 


via Mai Mohsen



WE SAID THIS: This performance is an “in your face, dear everyone who said my career was over after a prank went wrong.”